Tableau Creator - Fundamentals Course

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You’ve got Tableau installed on your computer, now what? Tableau is more than just “Pretty Excel,” it’s a super powerful tool that can allow you to better see and understand your data. In this course we’ll help you build your core skills and confidence in using Tableau so you can make meaningful data visualizations that allow you and your teams to make data-driven decisions.


Lesson 1: Getting Started in Tableau

Lesson 2: Connecting to Data

Lesson 3: Building Charts with More than One Measure

Lesson 4: What day is it? Working with Dates in Tableau

Lesson 5: Maps, Filters and Sorting

Lesson 6: Groups and Hierarchies

Lesson 7: Introduction to Calculated Fields

Lesson 8: Understanding Quick Table Calculations

Lesson 9: Reference Lines and Showing Breakdowns of the Whole

Lesson 10: Dashboarding Basics

Lesson 11: Creating an Interactive Dashboard

Lesson 12: Dashboard Design Best Practices