Tableau Creator - Intermediate Course

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You’ve got some Tableau skills, now let’s take them to the next level! In our intermediate class, the learning continues, with deep dives into chart types, all types of calculations, cool features to give your end-users control, and some advanced dashboard best practices. You’ll be able to “Ta-Blow” some minds with your new skills, impressing your peers and boss alike.


Lesson 1: Review of Key Concepts

Lesson 2:  Intermediate Chart Types + When to Use Them – Part 1

Lesson 3: Intermediate Chart Types + When to Use Them – Part 2

Lesson 4: Leveraging the Analytics Pane

Lesson 5: Exploring Your Data – Building a Data Discovery Workbook

Lesson 6: Data Connection Options – Part 1 – Relationships + Joins

Lesson 7: Data Connection Options – Part 2 – Blends + Unions

Lesson 8:  Deep Dive – Calculated Fields – Part 1 – More Advanced Calculated Fields

Lesson 9:  Deep Dive – Calculated Fields – Part 2 – Level Of Detail Calculations (LODs) 

Lesson 10: Deep Dive – Intermediate Table Calculations

Lesson 11:  Using Parameters

Lesson 12: Putting it All Together: Intermediate Dashboards Actions + Dashboard Design Best Practices