About Us

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Our Story:

TableauTemplates.com brought to you by Boulder Insight is your secret weapon to stellar UI/UX design. With over 15 years of experience, we have cracked the code on how to tell the best data story. Through a lot of trial and error, we have discovered the optimal way to present your data in a way that drives actionable insights. 

At Boulder Insight, we believe thoughtful UI/UX design is a driving force for understanding and interpreting data. However, we also understand that creating compelling UI/UX design is time consuming and nuanced. Save yourself the headache of learning graphic design methodology and focus on what you know best: DATA! 

Our Products:

No matter your skill level, we have something for everyone at TableauTemplates.com. 

  • Tableau Accelerators: Ready-to-use dashboards that can be combined with your data, helping you see your data clearer, faster. (BEGINNER)
  • Tableau Templates: Downloadable Tableau workbooks with 20 pre-designed dashboard layouts, step by step instructions, tutorial videos, and formatting tips/advice. (INTERMEDIATE USERS)
  • Tableau Skins*: Affordable, downloadable PNG background templates for you to drop into your Tableau workbook. (ADVANCED USERS)
  • Click here to check out Boulder Insight’s other products, as well as our consulting and Tableau training services.

*If you would like to purchase a custom background template using your company colors, please inquire here.