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While membership is active, you will have the ability to download any and all templates available at no additional charge.  This includes all existing and future updates / additions that will be added frequently.

Why Choose Tableau Templates? (And accelerators, and skins!)

Effortless Storytelling: Transform your data into a compelling narrative. Our templates guide you in organizing your content optimally, ensuring your audience follows your data story effortlessly.

Professional Aesthetics: Impress your stakeholders with visually stunning dashboards. Our backgrounds are designed by experts to create an elegant and polished look for your Tableau projects.

Increased Productivity: Save valuable time and effort. Our templates eliminate the need to start from scratch, allowing you to focus on data analysis and storytelling rather than design.

Enhanced Clarity: Communicate effectively and efficiently.. Our templates provide a clear structure that enhances the readability of your data, helping you convey your message with ease.

Key Features: 

- Seamless Integration: Easily upload our PNG backgrounds to your Tableau workspace, ensuring a hassle-free implementation.

- Multiple Layout Options: Choose from a variety of layouts that suit different data presentation needs.

- Responsive Design: Our templates are designed with responsiveness in mind, ensuring your dashboards look great on various devices and screen sizes. 

- Versatile Usage: Whether you're creating a financial report, marketing analysis, or any other data-driven story, our templates adapt to a wide range of data scenarios.

- Regular  Updates: Stay up-to-date with evolving design trends and best practices. We regularly provide fresh templates to keep your dashboards modern and engaging.